Remembrance Day Crafts - Poppy Wreath

Make a Poppy wreath for Remembrance Day.  You'll Need:

  • Ring form cut from cardboard (such as old cereal box)
  • 2 pieces of Red paper
  • Black circles
  • Scissors, Glue

1. Fold red paper in half lengthwise, and cut along fold.  Fold each strip in half length wise, and cut crosswise strips.  Cut notches out of strips at fold and at ends to give curved petal shape


Make a Poppy wreath for Remembrance Day

2. Glue Sets of Flower petals evenly around wreath ring

Remembrance Day Crafts - Wreath Craft

3. Glue Second set of petals to centres of first petals

Poppy Wreath Craft for Remembrance Day

4. Glue Third set of petals to wreath at centres of first two sets of petals.  Make sure petals are offset from first two layers to cover and bare spots on the wreath

Poppy Wreath Craft For Remembrance Day

5. Glue Black flower centres to each set of petals

Poppy Wreath craft for Remembrance Day

6. Hold each petal at the ends and pinch the corners together to give petals some dimension.  Hang your wreath

Remembrance Day Crafts - Poppy Wreath Craft

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